About Our School in Portsmouth, VA

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Since 1977, Montessori Preparatory School has been offering the highest-quality education to children in the community. Through the years we have stayed committed to providing your child with a safe, loving, and caring environment that meets their unique needs.
Each member of our staff holds a bachelor's or master's degree. In addition, we have many dedicated staff members who have taught at our school for more than 20 years. This provides your child with the attention, patience, and care that they deserve.

We Are Affiliated With:

  • The American Montessori Society
  • International Montessori
  • North American Teacher's Association
  • National Center for Montessori Education

Our Mission

The goal for our preparatory school is for each child to development an ability to solve problems using an organized approach, to use freedom wisely, to respect others, and above all, to take joy in learning.
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Our Belief

Central to the Montessori Method, is the belief that habits and attitudes are best formed during the first 6 years of your child's life. This leads them to develop an awareness and confidence that lasts a lifetime. Dr. Montessori believed that education is really a preparation for life and not simply a mastering of intellectual skills.
Contact us, in Portsmouth, Virginia, to request more information about our preparatory school. Call Montessori Preparatory School at 1-757-414-1495.