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Preschool & Kindergarten Programs in Portsmouth, Virginia

At Montessori Preparatory School we strive to provide your child a fun and educational experience. Our preparatory school offers a wide selection of classes and activities that your child is sure to enjoy.

Activates & Educational Programs Include:

• Art & Crafts• Math
• Chinese• Science & More

Our Programs

When your child participates in these programs, it encourages curiosity, imagination, and intelligence. By utilizing various educational methods, such as the Montessori Method, your child is able to develop:

• A Positive Learning Attitude• Concentration
• Self-Confidence• Sensory-Motor Skills
 Child, Preschool Programs in Portsmouth, VA

The Montessori Method

This unique method instills a basic approach to learning that is even more important than the skills created. It teaches your child how to be self-motivated and self-reliant.
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